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Blocks for kids Meli Basic Constructor [25x25 mm]


construction blocks Meli Basic Constructor

Construction blocks MELI Constructor is a new offering for fans of the brand. The sets have been supplemented with brand-new elements that strongly diversify play. Now every little builder can build even more interesting models and structures. Virtually unlimited possibilities for building and creating is an obvious advantage. All new sets are sure to be equally interesting gift ideas for various occasions. Colorful and aesthetic packaging is an additional advantage.

Blocks Meli Constructor for little builders

Construction blocks is a great option for any child who likes to build. The sets contain hundreds of elements, so you will definitely be able to play with them for a long time. There can be no question of boredom here. This kind of blocks gives a lot of possibilities. They certainly develop the imagination very strongly. In the sets of Meli Constructor bricks there are elements that are not in the Meli Basic or Meli Maxi series. As a result, they can be used to build vehicles, interesting models or structures. In addition, each set comes with an instruction manual with ideas of what can be built with these blocks. The instructions are so good that thanks to them kids can play together with their parents. This connects and gives a lot of fun. You can buy such blocks for your child, for example, on the occasion of birthdays or Christmas. It is also a good gift idea when you go to your friends who have several years old kid. The advantage is that there is no need for additional gift wrapping, as the packaging is colorful and durable. Surely any kid will be happy with such a gift.
Why should you buy blocks Meli Constructor? First of all, for the reason that they will allow your child to develop. Creating constructions not only develops imagination, but also teaches logical and strategic thinking. Kid he can play with them quietly on his own, because they are easy to put together. They are made of durable material that holds well in the hand. They are safe for kid. This is a great option for any child who likes to build.
Blocks Meli Constructor - is even more great fun. Unlike Meli Basic they have even more interesting elements. With them you can build countless models and structures. The bigger the set, the more possibilities, of course. Sets of building blocks are in colorful packaging, which from the first moments attract the attention of the child. Blocks These blocks are sure to appeal to both boys and girls. Everyone will find something interesting in building more advanced constructions. Blocks Meli Constructor will be a very good gift for a several-year-old for various occasions. An imaginative gift idea !