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Construction blocks Loowi and Big Loowi Mix


Thelatest offering from the award-winning and beloved kids Loowi bricks. Loowi and Big Loowi Mix sets provide a unique opportunity to play with as many as two sizes of blocks at the same time supplemented with additional connectors.

What new elements are included in the Mix sets?

These sets contain 75 mm and 55 mm sized pieces. Connectors that allow combining 4 large Big Loowi blocks and 2 smaller Loowi blocks. The second version of the connector, on the other hand, allows combining 4 smaller Loowi blocks and 2 large Loowi blocks. This solution is a chance for even more doses of interesting fun. Advanced models made of connected blocks will delight any little builder. Ease of combining and distinctive colors are additional advantages of MIX type sets. Of course, each set is aesthetically packaged in a durable and conveniently transportable box, so kid can take the fun with them to the place of their choice and share it with their friends. Each Loowi set also comes with a set of instructions that kid can be inspired by. The number of constructions that kid can create is countless. Here we especially count on the child's own creative invention, give them the freedom to think creatively, let your kids be carried away by imagination!

Which set of building blocks to choose?

In our offer you will find sets from 45 elements, which can be the beginning of a great adventure for kid with blocks from the Loowi series, but not only! For more experienced builders set as many as 200 elements and plenty of opportunities to create! A great advantage of Loowi Mix blocks is the possibility of combining them with other sets. You can never have enough fun, so a very cool solution are connectors, which allow you to build with both small and large blocks.

And what about safety ?

Fun with us equals the word safety, and above all we pay attention to quality, so all our products are made in accordance with the EN 71 standard, which makes them CE certified, which defines the safety requirements for toys. In our offer you have the opportunity to choose a set by age category, which is tailored to the developmental capabilities of the child based on our tests carried out in different age groups.