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Construction blocks Big Loowi 75 mm


For all those looking for a creative toy for the youngest constructors, we recommend blocks Big Loowi 75 mm. The models of the toys we offer are distinguished by their characteristic shape, pleasant, saturated colors and large size. All elements, due to their specific structure, form construction blocks atoms, which, under gentle pressure, easily fuse together to form three-dimensional constructions.

What are the advantages of larger blocks?

Big Loowi 75 mm series sets have noticeably larger pieces compared to other models of the brand, which makes them perfect for small and not quite skilled hands. The plastic from which blocks were made ensures their high durability and resistance to damage, making them completely safe. Choosing creative blocks for kids , we support the development of our kid - these toys positively influence the formation of small motor skills and intellectual abilities. Creating with blocks a variety of shapes and objects is an engaging form of play, which will awaken in the toddler the soul of an explorer and constructor.

Variety of constructions and available instructions

Available sets of Loowi bricks are enclosed in practical packages containing illustrated instructions, thanks to which kid can learn step by step the principles of building specific objects. Blocks for kids large offer countless possibilities for creating a variety of constructions. Combining round elements together allows to achieve unusual results, which encourages the creation of more and more complex combinations.