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Construction blocks Loowi 55 mm


Construction blocks Loowi 55 mm is a series of unique products that take play to a whole new level. These toys are distinguished from the classic building blocks, first of all, by their interesting structure, which provides small constructors with almost unlimited possibilities. All the elements included in the sets come in the form of balls with a round cavity and characteristic spherical protrusions on the sides, with the help of which blocks they attach to each other, creating spatial constructions. The sets we offer are made of high quality plastic, which allows easy connection and disconnection of individual elements. Their undoubted advantage is durability, light weight, as well as beautiful saturated colors.

Loowi products are brilliant construction blocks.

Blocks these will appeal to beginners as well as older and more skilled kidsom users. With the help of the included illustrated instructions, a toddler can step by step recreate specific constructions in the form of animals or vehicles. In addition to the proposed models, kid can build any objects on their own. Construction blocks with tabs will not only provide the child with many hours of engaging play, but also stimulate his imagination and creative thinking. The large size of the available elements means that the constructions from the blocks are erected extremely quickly, so that the results of play can be seen almost after a while. The huge possibilities of Loowi toys make it impossible to get bored with them. All sets that are part of the Loowi series of building blocks are a complete novelty on the market. Introduced in Poland at the end of 2016, they immediately appealed to small users.

Construction blocks Loowi has unique features that promote development kids.

Both the youngest and slightly older builders will appreciate them. The list of advantages includes the light weight of the individual elements and the durability of the built structures, as well as the ease of connecting and disconnecting individual blocks. All this makes the game satisfying and gives a lot of pleasure. The manufacturer puts at the disposal of the child various three-element sets, and each of them contains colorful elements. They can be used to build nice animals (Loowi Animals) or vehicles (Loowi Vehicles), but nothing stands in the way of constructing any unique object that will be created by combining different blocks. Each set comes with step-by-step instructions for building the models. Each of the colorful instructions will certainly be helpful for kids, taking their first steps in playing with this kind of Loowi building blocks. As they progress in assembling more and more complex structures, each of the little constructors will develop their imagination and motor skills.