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Construction blocks Hi-Qube PreSchool


Morphun is pleased to introduce Hi-Qube, their newest and youngest educational toy product for younger kids. These sets are easier for younger age groups than Morphun Starter. In line with our goal, the Hi-Qube sets are designed to meet the educational needs of kids different ages. The simplicity of combining individual pieces and the colorful instructions included with each set of building blocks are always a good incentive for successful play.

Blocks have a unique advantage - they connect by sides, which allows building multidimensional structures already by younger kids. Blocks these blocks also connect with the most popular blocks on the market, which allows you to create interesting combinations and strongly diversifies play. Blocks Hi-Qube are an ideal start to start playing with the whole range of Morphun blocks. In the future, they can be combined with any blocks from the Starter, Junior or Advanced groups. Therefore, starting to play with these sets will make it easier for your child to move on to the next level of construction play in the future. It will certainly be great fun and a lot of satisfaction.

What distinguishes construction blocks? - Construction toys for everyone

Note that in the Hi-Qube Preschool category we can find a set with 25 elements to build the first constructions and get acquainted with blocksem Morphun, but also sets with as many as 150 elements for lovers of building and creating. Each set comes with an instruction manual, which will be a great initial inspiration for little builders. Why initial? Because kids at such a young age have a strongly developed imagination and after learning blocksem our kids will create their own story of fun.

Educational play is a very important element during a child's development, but above all it must be safe, so all our products are made in accordance with the EN 71 standard, which makes them CE certified, which defines the safety requirements for toys.