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Blocks Hi-Qube Kindergarten construction


All kids like blocks, and construction blocks Morphun Hi-Qube Kindergarten is adevelopment of Hi-Qube Pre-School blocks. Prepared specifically to stimulate the development of kids younger ones, they come in beautiful colors and versatile shapes. The sets have various types of blocks allowing to create multidimensional movable buildings. The built models are durable and allow for long and interesting play.

Blocks Morphun Hi-Qube connect, of course, with all models of Morphun bricks, although they are intended for younger builders. Blocks they connect to each other with their sides, which is an added bonus to the fun. Thanks to the fact that they also connect with the most popular blocks on the market, play can be even more interesting.

For whom this type of blocks construction blocks ?

In this category you will find sets consisting of 25 elements, which will be a sensational start to get acquainted with the type of blocks, as well as sets containing as many as 380 elements, which guarantees many hours of great fun. All sets come with interesting step-by-step instructions. It is also possible to separately purchase instructions in the form of a durable book, in which also kid will find a lot of interesting inspiration, such as building a giraffe, fish, rhino or helicopter.

An additional advantage of Hi-Qube bricks is the ability to build running vehicles such as a racing car or a train, making kid have double the satisfaction of playing. Larger sets are packaged in sturdy boxes that allow easy and safe storage of the building blocks. Educational play is a very important element during a child's development, but above all it must be safe, so all of our products are made in accordance with EN 71, making them CE certified, which specifies the safety requirements for toys.