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Morphun blocks


All types of Morphun blocks connect with each other!

construction blocks

Basic Morphun construction blocks (squares, triangles, circles) are of the same size in all sets. The side of the basic square and triangle is 3.2 cm and the diameter of the circle is 5.5 cm. The difference between the different types is the way of connecting the individual blocks with each other. Color instructions are included with all kits and are fully adapted to the recommended age of the child.

Square Morphun blocks are the same size as Lego DUPLO and they can be connected very easily. Morphun plastic blocks are extremely easy to connect, which means that children in a very short time become adept at building simple and then complex models. The square Morphun blocks allow you to build on six sides, which is unique to other traditional blocks, most of which allow you to connect only on both sides. Equilateral triangles and squares are divisible by 30º and therefore the design possibilities become even greater. The blocks can also connect horizontally and vertically, which allows you to build two and three-dimensional shapes and models.

Morphun blocks are adapted to the age of children

In our store you will find a full range of construction blocks of the English brand Morphun, distributed in over 50 countries around the world. Depending on the set selected, the blocks can be used to create amazing buildings, multi-dimensional structures, animals and vehicles. In each box there is an assembly instruction with drawings of basic building models, but the bricks have a much greater creative potential and it is really up to the children to make the final appearance of the structure. Depending on the age of the child, our Morphun construction blocks are intended for toddlers over 3, 4 and 5 years of age. They are available in sets "Junior Starter" , "Junior Starter Rainbow", "Junior", Junior Xtra, "Advanced" and "Advanced Xtra" . build from blocks intended for older children.

Unique Morphun blocks for children

Morphun blocks will absorb your children completely, providing them with a constructive and enjoyable time . Unique Morphun blocks for children Morphun blocks arouse children's interest and encourage creative thinking. Building blocks are practical means of modeling and implementing children's ideas, developing their manual skills and eye-hand coordination. The models allow children to get to know them, discover the flexibility of form and movement . It is also important that playing with building blocks allows children to develop social, communication, team and methodological skills by giving children the opportunity to work together in a group and share their ideas. Children acquire the ability to develop general and specific problem-solving skills, which has a significant impact on the proper development of the child.

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