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Unique LCD electronic disappearing pens

Pix-IT - idealne blocks for preschools Magical LCD zig-zags - stimulate kidstheir imagination!
Kids very much like to spend time "glued" to the tablet. Is there any advice to get them away from them? A good idea is to buy your toddler a magic LCD zany pen. What is it? Is it able to replace the tablet? In a way, yes. With it, the toddler can learn to draw and write, and at the same time will have a lot of fun. On this non-electronic tablet he can draw whatever he dreams of. Using this toy positively influences the child's manual development. It also improves motor coordination. The toddler also learns the pincer grip. This will make it easier for him to keep up with his writing at school. On the other hand, if you already have kid school-age children, the LCD magic disappearers will be suitable for taking notes or counting on them. The toys are powered by a battery that lasts up to two years, but can be replaced later. This is an excellent zabawki dla 3 latka!

Magic disappearing pen for your child

Pix-IT - idealne blocks for preschoolsThe Magic Znifopis for kids LCD have a touch-sensitive screen. This makes it easy to draw both thicker and thinner lines on them. These toys allow your child to increase his creativity and develop artistic skills. He can draw whatever he dreams of on our for kids LCD disappearing pens. An unsuccessful picture can be immediately erased and forgotten, start the fun all over again. This device is environmentally friendly, because using it does not consume tons of paper, as in the case of drawing in an ordinary notebook. LCD magic disappearers are ideal toys for younger kids. These are zabawki edukacyjne designed for kids for ages 3 and up.
Donot know abetter ZNIOPIS kidse.I recommend, Ania Oka |

First of all, the disappeoprints allow development through drawing and mapping. Zero-waste - that is, we do not waste paper for drawings - pro ecological.

Drawing on a disappeopis develops the correct pincer grip needed when learning to write or draw. They also develop patience and motor coordination.

Virtually every kid can play with the znidopis. Due to the certification, this toy is intended for kids over 3 years old.