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Morphun Junior Pastel

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For years, blocks for children have been one of the most popular toys. Although their form and materials from which they were made have changed, the basic rule has remained the same. Currently, most of the versions available in stores are plastic blocks which, although they use artificial materials, are completely safe for children. Educational blocks to support the development of toddlers have gained popularity recently. One of them are morphun blocks, which, thanks to their original shapes, provide much more connection options.

These construction toys perfectly influence manual skills and stimulate the imagination of a young builder. It should be remembered that these are blocks for a 4-year-old and younger children may have problems with mastering how to connect them. However, there is no limit to the maximum age and even much older children will have great fun with the sets for toddlers. For anyone looking for an original gift idea for a child, morphun blocks should be an interesting proposition.

Beautiful colors and the highest quality of workmanship

Construction blocks type Morphun Junior Pastel are recommended for children over 4 years of age. Sets dedicated primarily to girls due to the pastel colors of plastic blocks. The instructions in the kits are adapted to the recommended age of the child. The largest set consisting of as many as 500 beautiful, pastel elements has been packed in a practical, durable box that will allow you to move the game to a selected place and share it with friends.

Does your little one like to play with dolls? The Morphun Junior Pastel set will be a great solution for your child to create their own play story. Let's give children the opportunity to develop their imaginations , let entertainment become part of education. Basic plastic construction blocks (squares, triangles and circles) are the same size in all sets. The difference is in the way of connecting the individual blocks with each other. The side of each square and triangle is 3 cm - the diameter of the circle is 5.5 cm.

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