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Giants blocks

Among the changing range of toys for children, you can find those that are resistant to current trends. Of course, we are talking about blocks that have been an integral part of the proper development of children for many years. With such great popularity, there are many advantages, which include the increase in manual skills, shaping patience, the development of eye-hand coordination or concentration. The huge variety - both in shapes and colors - is an effective incentive to create more and more fanciful buildings. Therefore, we recommend Giganty blocks - one of the largest construction models on the market. Irreplaceable both in home and public use: nurseries and kindergartens. Certified , made of safe, high-quality materials, resistant to intensive use. They are easy to assemble, so they are a lot of fun to build, while the created objects are an introduction to further, carefree fun. A huge house, or maybe a long train that will start transporting dolls and mascots? There is no place for boredom with Giant blocks!

Why else is it worth choosing Klocki Giants?

They can be in the form of traditional plastic blocks with very large elements or in the form of wafers. The former are perfect for building buildings, men or vehicles. Wafers, on the other hand, are more suitable for creating various objects out of them. It should also be mentioned that these are very good blocks for a 3-year-old , because sometimes they are even half his height. That is why a child can easily build a house from them, where they can play with their friends. The waffle-shaped Giants blocks also have wheels, so you can build a vehicle with it and drive around the house. You can even play with the blocks of Giants in the shape of waffles, because they are resistant to weather conditions. The bricks are very colorful, so they will look great in any garden. Large-sized bricks are available in many sets. The smallest ones start with 20 parts and the largest ones have over 100 parts. They can also contain additional elements, such as slides or wheels, which further increase the possibilities of play. Great plastic blocks supporting the development of child's creativity. 

Giant blocks are great blocks for the youngest children.

Their large size makes a huge impression on the little ones. These are plastic, large, safe elements that do not have sharp edges. The large sizes of the blocks make it easier for children to have a firm grip and easily connect with each other. The set includes small and large blocks, axles with wheels and hooks. Everything in XL size.
Thanks to the large dimensions of individual elements, it is possible to build a large-sized structure that will easily become a house for our child. Excellent workmanship and vivid colors will convince children to play. Stable and durable houses, defensive walls, fortresses will be a challenge for small builders. Giants are blocks that are also perfect for playing in the garden. The little constructor will also be able to participate in the creation of his first vehicles on wheels of specific sizes. Children will be able to use such built block vehicles to transport various items. As you know, playing in transport is a game that makes small children smile and happy.

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